Trespass Qiklock Technical Durable Light Weight Trekking Walking Hiking Pole

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An essential piece of kit for any avid or keen walker, the Qiklock technical trekking poles will help you to tackle the terrain with confidence.

Lightweight, these poles are made up of 3 sections that allow you to adjust the height depending on what you need them for. Furthermore, a quick release locking system means it will feel secure when handling it.

Fitted with an ergonomic foam handle, for a comfortable grip, an adjustable padded wrist strap means you’ll be able to keep a hold of them without your skin chafing.

Furthermore, a carbide tip allows you to use these poles even of tough terrain and they even come with rubber stoppers allowing you to store them away safely when not in use. They also feature baskets to help stop the poles from sinking into the ground, perfect when trekking along the mud.

With a wide range of useful features, the Qiklock technical trekking poles will help to keep you safe and on the go when out on the trail or off-beaten path.




  • Technical Trekking Pole
  • Lightweight Aluminium Shaft
  • Qiklock Quick Release Locking System
  • Carbide Tip and Rubber Stopper
  • Ergonomic Foam Handle
  • Adjustable Padded Wrist Strap Includes Basket
  • 3 Sections


  • 135cm Fully Extended
  • 63cm Fully Collapsed

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