Reusable Gel Heat Pad Hand Warmers - Pack of 5

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Reusable instant heat pads hand warmers
These are great if you are out in the cold. They help to keep you warm, and are reusable so are fantastic value for money!
These hand warmers can last from 30-90 minutes. How long the heat in the hand warmers last, and the temperature they reach depends on the outside temperature, and how close to the body they are kept. Keeping these in an inside pocket will mean they last a lot longer than if they were left out in the open.

  • The heat pads generate up to 55 degrees of heat in seconds from clicking the metal disk inside.
  • Simply click the metal disk inside and the pad instantly heats up
  • Great for when you are out walking, or any other cold situation
  • These can be reused time and time again
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe and salt based content
  • To reset to be reused is simple. Just leave in simmering water for 5-10 minutes, making sure the heat pad doesn't touch the side of the pan (using a tea-towel as a barrier). This resets the chemical reaction and is ready to be reused.

    Each heat pad is APPROX 9cm wide.

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