Emergency 1 Person Starter Survival Kit Go/Grab Bag

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Emergency 1 Person Starter Go/Grab Bag

As most of us find it hard finding time to source Go Bag items, we have sourced some of the essential items for you.

Please note - Can not be sent outside the UK due to shipping regulations.
Visit our Go Bag page for lots of free, helpful information.

The Emergency 1 Person Starter Go/Grab Bag contains some great essentials that you need. It takes time finding, buying and putting together a Go Bag, but the Starter Go Bag will get things going.
It also includes a pull string bag. The pull string bag can be used inside a backpack to keep items readily available and separate.

Items in the 1 person starter bag :-
Kit includes:
  • Survival Tin
  • Items in the Survival Tin -
    Includes: -Water resistant tin as Kit holder
    -Fishing Kit
    -Fishing Hook
    -Fishing Line
    -Hacksaw blade
    -Vinyl tape
    -Button Compass
    -Sewing kit
    -Safety pins
    -Wire saw
    -Purification tablets
    -"Snare" wire (A "snare wire", being a strong wire, has many uses. We do not recommend this be used to catch an animal)
    -Accident evaluation form
    -Flint & striker
    -Survival instructions

  • Travel First Aid Kit
  • The Travel First Aid Kit.Includes -
    -6 x Sterile Waterproof Plasters
    -2 x Triangular Bandage
    -2 x Sterile Saline Cleansing Wipe
    -1 x Vinyl Gloves
    -1 x Sterile Wound Dressing 18 x 18cm
    -Safety PinsSuitable for dealing with minor injuries. Approx 7x6x1 inches.

  • Bright Drawstring Bag

  • Survival Foil Space Blanket (Handy pocket sized, it assists in the retention of up to 90% radiant body heat. This could make the difference and keep you safe from exposure)

  • Wind-up Torch - 3 Ultra Bright LED Lights. Generate light, without batteries. 2 Brightness settings. Approx 14x5x4 cm.

  • Lightweight durable Poncho with hood. One Size fits all.x

  • Re-usable Instant Heat Pad

  • 1 x Food Bar

  • Sold only to persons over 18 due to sharp items and matches. Cant be sent outside the UK due to shipping regulations.

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