Emergency Pocket Survival Tool Packed in Leather Pouch

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Emergency Pocket Survival Tool packed in leather pouch

This 'Pocket Survival Tool' provides a simple and effective way to keep yourself prepared for any situation. This credit card size tool fits discreetly into your pocket or your wallet.

A neat, handy, compact tool that has multiple useful functions.

Never be without your very own mini survival kit in one.

Ideal for: Emergencies and Preparedness - Camping - Everyday Home Use

Tools include: -
  • Large Flat Screw Driver
  • 1 inch Ruler
  • Nail Pry
  • Bottle Opener 
  • Can Opener 
  • Survival Saw 
  • Paracord 
  • Butterfly Wrench 
  • 4 x Hex Wrench 
  • Small Flat Screw Driver 
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Knife Blade

Size: 85 x 55 x 53 mm

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