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GelHeat Hand Warmers Review - Instant Reusable Click Heat Pads

Feeling the cold? In the UK, you are never too far away from a cold spell and the need to keep your body or hands warm. Even during the warmer months, you can find yourself out in the great outdoors camping or hiking (or fishing, playing golf) and find yourself in need of a little extra warmth. 

But especially during winter, or the colder months, you are wise to keep something with you to give you some extra heat in case you need it.

Instant heat pads and hand warmers are a great way to keep warm when camping, fishing, hiking, playing golf, or other activities. We have posted a comparison here of various ways of keeping warm, and which method is best for you.

Click Gel Heat Pads - Benefits

As mentioned above, there are various ways of keeping warm. One of our favourite methods is the reusable hand warmers.

The reusable heat pads are probably the lowest cost source of heat long term. Although there are cheaper types of hand warmers (and foot warmers), other types are not reusable. The hand warmers shown above are reusable time and again.

Click Gel Heat Pads - Durability

These types of heat pads should last quite a long time. The GelHeat hand warmers in our store, have a thick flexible outer, which is tough, and will not puncture easily. We have never had any puncture, and rip when being used.

The gel inside the heat pads is what heats up. This has no limits on the number of uses.

Click Gel Heat Pads - How They Work

These types of heat pads are extremely easy to use. They have a metal disk inside which is about the size of a 1p coin. This is slightly curved (like a contact lens). You simply press the disk using both hand (essentially flipping the curve of the disk inside-out) and the gel heats up instantly.

Play the video below to see how easy they are to use.

Click Gel Heat Pads - Safe to Use?

These heat pads are safe to use. The gel inside is a type of salt based solution.

What Temperature Do Gel Heat Pads Reach?

Gel hand warmers reach around 55 degrees C. They are best kept close to your body so that most of the heat from the pad can reach your body and not be lost to the air.

How long Do Gel Heat Pads Last?

The Gel heat pads last around 30-90 minutes. If left out in the cold they will last around 30 minutes. If kept close to your body under a coat, they will last around 90 minutes. The great thing about Gel Heat Pads is that you can carry a few with you, and when one starts to cool down, you can start another one. Unlike one-use hand heat pads, you can take these home and re-set them to be re-used, so there is no waste or expense.

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